More About Kelly

Hello, and thank you for visiting my website! Often times I am asked how I got into face painting. Well, it all started several years back while working as a professional magician's assistant during college. We were always asked if we also did balloon animals or face painting and it became clear it was time to learn so I started with balloon animals.  After graduating college and moving on from magic into a full time job in the corporate world, I decided to continue doing balloon animals for birthday parties as a side job on the weekends. As I learned more balloon designs and word of mouth spread to new clients, the busier I got and it was soon time to turn my little side job into my own professional business. And so, my the first business I owned, Balloons by Kelly, was born.
Not long after, I began getting a lot of questions about whether I also did face painting, so I decided I'd give it a whirl. Since I was already an art fan I thought it would come naturally to me. Well, one thing I can tell you is that painting on skin is a whole other story than painting on paper! But, with some practice I was soon able to add face painting to my repitoire.

Over the years, face painting was the dominant service so in 2017 I changed the business name to Fancy Faces by Kelly and am now offering face painting exclusively. I’ve had the privilege of meeting incredible people at every event I attend, which is over 400 events to date. I've helped celebrate birthdays from 1 all the way to 100, and met people from all over the country at the many fairs and festivals I've worked. Who knew my college gig would someday turn into this?
One of the things I'm most proud of is being able to offer great service at an affordable rate. I'm able to do this since I have a full time job at a healthcare organization, and Fancy Faces by Kelly remains my "weekend job". Therefore, I can focus on what really matters, which is providing excellent service for my client's rather than focusing on the bottom dollar.
I look forward to hearing from you about your upcoming event, and thank you again for visiting my website!
AND... because everyone ALWAYS asks me, I'll finally share what my favorite face painting designs are. My favorite designs to paint are; full face butterflies and flowers with swirly vines….all with glitter of course!


Who is Kelly's Helper?

My helper for fairs, festivals and other large scale events is my beautiful Mom, Linda Lencioni. She is a retired first grade teacher (37 years for the Oakland School District!), mother of 3, Grandma (or “Meema”) of 9, Great-Grandma to 3, loving wife and the world’s BEST Mom & helper! Fancy Faces by Kelly would not be a success without her. Grazie, mamma, vi amo! Devo alla mia successi lei.