"The look on my daughter's face when she saw her face painting was priceles! Plus, Kelly's rates were affordable, making it easy to add her to our party."

- Tara, Los Gatos

"We had a jumpy-house AND a clown, but Kelly was the hit of the party with her face painting. I've referred her to our friends for their parties too."

- Patrick, Rodeo

"I have Kelly programmed into my cell phone; I call her for all my events. She's perfect for both small and large scale events alike."

- Judy, San Leandro

"I wanted something different and fun for my 65th birthday party. Who knew a bunch of seniors would get their face's painted!?"


- Linda, Oakland

"We wanted to find something to entertain the children attending our wedding and Kelly was the perfect choice - she was so professional and managed to keep the kids completely entertained while the adults mingled. She was a great help on our special day."

- Veronica, San Jose  


"When more children arrived at my son's party than expected, Kelly stayed until every single child had their face painted. She even helped us take pictures when I brought out the birthday cake!"

- Mike, Manteca